Résif-DC Web services

Welcome to the Résif-DC webservices endpoint. More information about Résif seismological data can be found at https://seismology.resif.fr

For questions about accessing data, filling bug reports, making suggestions, asking for help, please visit our helpdesk https://gitlab.com/resif/sismo-help or send an email to sismo-help@resif.fr


These services may be used under Résif Data Services Terms of Service. Usage of the services and data in publications should cite the services according to our citation instructions and data by network.

Résif Web services

The webservices developped and maintained by the Résif-DC team.

Service interface Versions Summary Return options
timeseries v1 similar to ws-dataselect with additional options for processing and reformatting ASCII, WAV, miniSEED, SAC, PNG
timeseriesplot v1 A charting webservice offering timeseries graphic display in single-line or helicorder styles image: PNG (default) or JPEG
sacpz v1 instrument response information (per channel) ASCII
resp v1 channel response information SEED RESP
evalresp v1 instrument response information evaluated from Résif metadata ASCII, Bode style plot
ppsd v1 Check on power spectral densities (PSD) PNG, NPZ, ASCII
statistics v1 Résif-DC statistics ASCII, PNG
ph5-availability v1 time series data availability for the PH5 store text, GeoCSV, json