Résif-DC Web services

Welcome to the Résif-DC webservices endpoint. More information about Résif seismological data can be found at https://seismology.resif.fr

For questions about accessing data, filling bug reports, making suggestions, asking for help, please visit our helpdesk https://gitlab.com/resif/sismo-help or send an email to sismo-help@resif.fr


These services may be used under Résif Data Services Terms of Service. Usage of the services and data in publications should cite the services according to our citation instructions and data by network.

EIDA Web services

Common webservices accross EIDA nodes.

Service interface Versions Summary Return options
Waveform Catalog v1 Provides access to metadata and quality parameters for archives contributing data to EIDA. json
EIDA data access authentication v1 EIDA authentication with token text