Transaction webservice

   The transaction webservice allows to retrieve information about the data integration transactions of Nodes A. There are three detail levels:

  1. Transaction level : With this level general transactions informations are requested.
  2. File level : With file level, we will have informations about the files of the transaction "transcationsid".The transactionid argument is mandatory.
  3. Content level : Displays the XML file of the transaction. The transactionid argument is mandatory.

A query without parameters returns the hundred last transactions.

Overview of request parameters

The request parameters for service are summarized in table below.

Parameter Required Description Values (default)
starttime NO Transaction limit date at or after the specific start time YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS (-)
endtime NO Limit transaction date at or before the specific end time YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS (-)
node NO Node name in capital letters OMIV, IPGP, RAP, SISMOB, DASE, RLBP-OCA, RLBP
network NO FDSN network code Network codes list is available here
status NO Transaction status (*)
type NO Transaction type seismic_data_miniseed / seismic_metadata_dataless_seed (*)
format NO Output format text/json (json)
transactionid NO Transaction ID (-)
erroron NO ID of the test causing the error (-)
level NO Detail level transaction/file/content (transaction)

HTTP status codes

Table below includes a list of codes status returned by the webservice. These codes should be used by end-users to check if a request was successful.

Code Description
200 Successfull request, result follow
201 Request was properly formatted and submitted but no data match the selection
400 Bad request due to improper specification, unrecognized parameter, etc.
203 Request resulted in too much data being returned or the request itself is too large.
500 Internal Server Error.