FDSNWS dataselect v1


The dataselect service provides access to seismic data of the RESIF network.

Query usage

/query? (channel-options) (date-range-options) [quality-options] [misc-options] [nodata=404]


channel-options      ::  (net=<network>) (sta=<station>) (loc=<location>) (cha=<channel>)
date-range-options   ::  (starttime=<date|duration>) (endtime=<date|duration>)
quality-options      ::  [quality=<D|R|Q|M|B>]
misc-options         ::  [minimumlength=<seconds>] [longestonly=<true|false>]

(..) required
[..] optional

Sample queries


Detailed descriptions of each query parameter

Channel options

Parameter Example Discussion
net[work] FR Seismic network name. Accepts wildcards and lists.
sta[tion] CIEL Station name. Accepts wildcards and lists.
loc[ation] 00 Location code. Use loc=– for empty location codes. Accepts wildcards and lists.
cha[nnel] HHZ Channel Code. Accepts wildcards and lists.

Wildcards and lists

For example, with channel codes: channel=EH?,BHZ

Date-range options

Parameter Example Discussion
start[time] 2010-01-10T00:00:00 Selects data on or after the specified start time.
end[time] 2011-02-11T01:00:00 Selects data on or before the specified end time.

The definition of the time interval may take different forms:

Supplementary options

Parameters Examples Discussion Default value
quality B Selects data based on miniSEED data quality indicators. D, R, Q, M, B. M and B (default) are treated the same and indicate best available. If M or B is selected, the output data records will be stamped with an M. B
minimumlength 1.5 Limits the results to continuous data segments of a minimum length specified in seconds. 0.0
longestonly 2.0 Limits the results to the longest continuous segment per channel. false
nodata 404 Specify which HTTP status code is returned when no data is found (204 or 404)

HTTP POST queries

The general form of a POST is parameter=value pairs, one per line, followed by an arbitrary number of channels and, optionally, time window selection lines:

Net Sta Loc Chan [StartTime EndTime]
Net Sta Loc Chan [StartTime EndTime]

Date and time formats

Supported date formats are:

YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.ssssss] ex. 1997-01-31T12:04:32.123
YYYY-MM-DD ex. 1997-01-31 (a time of 00:00:00 is assumed)


YYYY    :: four-digit year
MM      :: two-digit month (01=January, etc.)
DD      :: two-digit day (01 through 31)
T       :: date-time separator
hh      :: two-digit hour (00 through 23)
mm      :: two-digit number of minutes (00 through 59)
ss      :: two-digit number of seconds (00 through 59)
ssssss  :: one to six-digit number of microseconds (0 through 999999)

Acccessing restricted data

or access to restricted data, requests should be sent to: fdsnws/dataselect/1/queryauth

Requests sent to this URL are authenticated via digest access authentication in order to establish the caller’s credentials.

Command exemples :

curl --digest --user "user:password" http://ws.resif.fr/fdsnws/dataselect/1/queryauth?..."
wget --http-user="user" --http-password="password"  http://ws.resif.fr/fdsnws/dataselect/1/queryauth?..."

Request size limit

The fdsnws-dataselect is configured to deliver no more than 10 billions data samples per request.

The response size is evaluated from the request time span. Gaps in data are not taken into account.

If the request is too large, the service responds with error code 413 “Too much data”.

If this happens, the user needs to split the request in several smaller chunks.

Additional information and contact

Additional informations on webservice overview

You can also get help by sending an email at sismo-help@resif.fr