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Webservice timeseriesplot

The timeseriesplot service returns a graphical representation of time series data of the RESIF seismic network. The time span may be up to 31 days. Only unrestricted data are available.

The service offers several options

Output format options

Query usage

/query? (channel-options) (date-range-options) [plot-options]


channel-options      ::  (net=<network> & sta=<station> & loc=<location> & cha=<channel>)
date-range-options   ::  (starttime=<date|duration>) & (endtime=<date|duration>)
plot-options         ::  [showtitle=<TRUE|false>] [showscale=<TRUE|false>] [monochrome=<true|FALSE>]
plot-options         ::  [width=<400-2000>] [height=<200-2000>]
plot-options         ::  [format=<PNG|jpeg>]
plot-options         ::  [iplot=<true|FALSE>]
filter-options       ::  [earthunits=<true|FALSE>] {waterlevel=<number>} {freqlimits=<f1-f2-f3-f4>} {units=<AUTO|disp|vel|acc>}
filter-options       ::  [demean=<TRUE|false>]

(..) required
[..] optional
{..} optional, but complements another option
default values are uppercase

Sample Queries,02&demean&correct&start=2017-11-02T13:35:00&end=2017-11-02T13:40:00,02&demean&correct&start=2017-11-02T13:35:00&end=2017-11-02T13:40:00&iplot

Detailed descriptions of each query parameter

Station code details

The four parameters (network, station, location, channel) determine channels of interest.

Parameters Examples Discussion
net[work] FR Seismic network name.
sta[tion] CIEL Station name.
loc[ation] 00 Location code. Use loc=-- for empty location codes.
cha[nnel] HHZ Channel Code.

Wildcards and Lists

For example, with channel codes: channel=EH?,BHZ

Date-range options

The definition of the time interval may take different forms:

Expressed as calendar dates

Parameters Examples Discussion
start[time] 2015-08-12T01:00:00 Start time expressed as a calendar date.
end[time] 2015-08-13T01:00:00 End time expressed as a calendar date.



Expressed as a calendar date and duration (seconds)

Parameters Examples Discussion
start[time] 2015-08-12T01:00:00 Start time expressed as a calendar date.
end[time] 7200 End time expressed as duration (seconds).



This example specifies a calendar date as the start time and duration of 7200 seconds specified in the end[time] parameter.

Expressed as a calendar date, duration (seconds) or the key word: “currentutcday”

The key word “currentutcday” means exactly midnight of today’s date (UTC time). It may be used for the start[time] and end[time] parameters.

Parameters Examples Discussion
start[time] 7200 Start time expressed as duration (seconds).
end[time] currentutcday Today’s midnight (UTC).


  1. …starttime=currentutcday&endtime=7200…
  2. …starttime=7200&endtime=currentutcday…

The first example specifies the duration of 2 hours after today’s midnight (UTC). The second example specifies the duration of 2 hours prior today’s midnight (UTC).

Time series processing options

The following parameters allow filtering the time series.

Parameters Examples Discussion Default value
demean true Remove the mean of the time series. false
true Apply instrumental correction by deconvolution with earth units conversion. false
waterlevel 10
Waterlevel (en dB) used for the deconvolution.
“none” value corresponds to the classical inverse filtering.
freqlimits 0.01-0.04-0.5-0.6 Band pass filter applied to the frequency domain prior to the deconvolution1,2. Rectangular window between f2 and f3 and cosine window between f1 and f2 and between f3 and f4. none
units VEL Output unit (AUTO, DISP, VEL, ACC). Enabled only with earthunits option. AUTO

Notes :

  1. Frequency in Hertz.

  2. Frequency numbers may be separated by a comma or by a dash. For example : 0.01,0.02 or 0.01-0.02

Plot options

Parameters Examples Discussion Default value
showtitle false Whether or not to show the channel and date-range information on the top of the plot. true
showscale false Whether or not to show a scale on the right-side axis of the plot. true
monochrome true Creates a grayscale or a color plot. false
width 500 Width of the output plot (pixels). The range is 400 to 2000. 1200
height 400 Height of the output plot(pixels). The range is 200 to 2000. 400
format jpeg Format of the output image (png or jpeg). png
iplot true Displays an interactive plot instead of a static plot. false

Date and time formats

YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.ssssss] ex. 1997-01-31T12:04:32.123
YYYY-MM-DD ex. 1997-01-31 (a time of 00:00:00 is assumed)


YYYY    :: four-digit year
MM      :: two-digit month (01=January, etc.)
DD      :: two-digit day (01 through 31)
T       :: date-time separator
hh      :: two-digit hour (00 through 23)
mm      :: two-digit number of minutes (00 through 59)
ss      :: two-digit number of seconds (00 through 59)
ssssss  :: one to six-digit number of microseconds (0 through 999999)